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Intense Workout


The team at Concept 42 are fantastic. They have just the right mix of motivation and support and they all genuinely 'give a damn' about helping you achieve your goals - John Grieves (48)

These classes are awesome. I have tried all the other mobs and Concept 42 just has the right blend of challenging yet fun workouts. I can't recommend them highly enough - Ben Bylett (34)

Right from Day 1 Concept 42 has made exercise enjoyable again! I really enjoy the community atmosphere and the variety of workouts because normally I get bored very easily. The team are great too!

- Kent Hazlett (63)

This club has a positive, energetic, uplifting environment that makes you try harder even when you don't want to! - Emma Friend (35)

The rotation of classes is simply brilliant. Every week is a perfect mix of fitness, strength & stretching and my body has never felt better.

- Mag Kelly (46)

Concept 42 is challenging but great fun! Every day is different & interesting and there is such a supportive community feel

- Pixie Shields (46)

It's more than a gym. It's about your workout and the enjoyment you get at the end and doing it in the fun environment with other people. 

-Kerry Poha

I particularly love the boxing and cause it’s not like any other gym. Focus is on communal exercising and that motivates you a little more 

- Justin Wolfe

Fantastic gym, real community feel...not intimidating at all. I have had great results at Concept 42! Jason, Tess, Natty & the team are all fabulous humans, great trainers and invest time and effort into all their clients 💖 - Joanne Bell

I have just completed my first week at Concept 42 and being a long time between drinks - I must say what I like the most is the supportive attitude amongst everyone joining you. Knowing that you have a long way to go to get back to fitness - but as they say at least I'm there giving it a go. Thoroughly recommend there style of gym - very thorough - John Armytage

For me coming to C42 - I get myself there, and am pushed to do my best. The classes are always varied, the energy is always there from members and staff and I don't have to think about anything. I just turn up and work hard! My goal this year was to get stronger in my body and slowly but surely I am getting there! Thank you! - Jude 

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